Tax Consultation Packages

Starting fromBD50*

VAT registration

  • Fin Cloud will assist your firm to register with the National Bureau for Revenue either if you are a single or group of companies. Our role will be essential to help you to update NBR with actual numbers and build the projected financial figures of the company in order to get the VAT certificate eventually issued.

Starting fromBD200*

VAT Assessment & Implementation

    • Initial Review
      Meeting & Discussion with management as well as functional team. Guideline and plan setup
    • Support system Implementation
      Systems inputs/outputs Analysis
      Policy & procedures review.
      Streamline Compliance Requirements.
      Preparation and education for the team
    • Final overview and discussion with Top Management
      • Start-up & Small Business starting from BD 200
      • Medium Business Starting from BD 1,000
      • Large Enterprises & Multi. Corporations starting from BD 2,500

Starting from BD100*

Filing VAT reports to NBR

  • As VAT filing deadlines have been published officially, it’s the business owner’s responsibility to account for VAT properly in their books and adhere to the respective VAT requirements. It is also mandatory to support all reported numbers declared to the NBR and it will serve as back-up reference for any upcoming audit visits. Our team will be guiding you step by step thru the whole process to ensure appropriate documentation, accuracy and proper classification.
* Exact Prices to be determined based on certain criterias that differ from entity to another such as the business volume, number of the transactions with VAT applicability …etc